March 11, 2012


i posted these pics on my instagram, [aligenny], and thought they were so cute so i decided to do a little blog post on it. 

i believe it was last spring that Chanel came out with a packet of temporary tattoos featuring chains, charms, and little swallows- SO cute. but for $50 something dollars... i passed. THEN, over a year later, while perusing the nail aisle in my local drugstore, i spotted these little babies and my mind immediately went back to the Chanel tattoos, and i thought, DUPES!


the kiss tattoos come with two sheets of temporary tattoos and two sheets of stickers- this is my only complaint. i would have preferred to have all tattoos and no stickers. i did make a super cute ring and bracelet combo, and i also placed a big crown charm on the side of my neck!

Kiss Nail Artist Tattoo; $5-7

sticker sheet
tattoo sheet


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