December 4, 2011

i love the smell of sephora...

i went shopping at sephora.

does anyone else just love the smell of the store? it smells like MAKEUP!

first up is actually a gift for my mom [hopefully she does not see this!] 
Laura Mercier's Book of Nudes is a gorgeous palette.
the book holds 8 shadows, 1 liner, and 3 cream cheek products- a bronzer, blush, & highlight. 

the thing i loved about this palette is the fact that there are 3 matte shades [buff, fresco, granite]. the rest of the shadows are shimmers or satins, with the exception of one glitter [tiger's eye]. 

this palette is great for someone who needs a few basic neutral eyeshadows, including matte sculpting shades that can be used for everyday basic looks. someone like my mom!

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for lips & cheeks in Powder Pink.

Dior Addict lipgloss in Flash 756.

Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover.

i got a tiny baby sample of this eye makeup remover as a 100 point perk in sephora a few weeks ago. i threw it in my bathroom drawer and continued using my HG eye makeup remover, Sonia Kashuk Remove. i ran out of it, and was planning to repurchase for about the 4th time, but in the meantime i began using the sephora sample. AMAZE! i dont wear waterproof liner or mascara, but because its a waterproof formula, i feel like it gives it extra removing powers. it also does a pretty decent job at dissolving my lash glue. it doesnt feel oily on my skin and does not sting my sensitive eyes. the sonia kashuk remover is a bit better in the fact that it literally feels like WATER. the sephora remover is by no means oily, but i can just barely feel it on my skin after im done. both coming in around $9, they are very comparable, good makeup removers.

Urban Decay De-Slick in a Tube Mattifying Gel.

Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear foundation. [18 hour shine free makeup with SPF 15].

this is my next stop in the hunt for an HG base...

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF 15 in Natural Beige.

this is something i have had my eye on for SO long since i saw Tanya from Pixi2woo rave about this powder foundation as being great coverage, and good for sensitive skin.

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Brunette/Dark BRown.

Laura MErcier Secret Camouflage concealer palette in SC 3.

i have wanted this concealer palette since my love and life Kandee Johnson ( used it in all her tutorials back in the day.

comment below if you would like to see a review on any of the products mentioned in this post. 


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