December 31, 2011

Sonia Kashuk Brush Couture Brush Set

i found something GREAT!
this brush set by Sonia Kashuk, available at Target or, is perfect for someone who is in need of a few basic brushes. it is also good for someone like me, who has many brushes but is looking for some unique shapes and extra staples.

Sonia Kashuk Brush Couture Set

silver ferrules with brand imprint
lovely design

the Sonia Kashuk Brush Couture set holds 5 brushes and retails for $15.

why is this seemingly average brush so great, you ask?

ALL 5 brushes are AMAZE. 

this is not one of those sets you are compromising on- it has 3 you want and the other 2 you could take or leave. all 5 of the brushes in this set are either A) staples, B) multi-use, and/or C) uncommon shapes. 

on to the brushes!

starting from the left- 

"eye shadow brush": this is a basic full flat shader brush. this is an incredibly versatile brush, as its dense enough to pack shadow onto the lid, but has a fluffy enough edge to be a great blending brush as well. a do-it-all eye shadow brush, if there is one you need, this is it.

 "foundation/concealer brush": this is a domed concealer brush. this is what is meant by 'uncommon shapes' stated above- i have been looking for a brush exactly like this forever. this is great for blending and buffing in under-eye concealer, as well as concealing or blending foundation in tight areas like around the nose. 


 "smudge brush": a tiny smudger- another brush that is somewhat hard to find, it is the tiniest one i have come across. this is great to have for detail work: it can be used for applying shadow/liner to the top and bottom lashlines, it can be used with a cream liner in the waterline, precise highlighting like under the brows and on the cupid's bow, and of course for smudging.

 "powder/blusher brush":  this is a domed shape powder brush- it does have a slightly unique shape to it, its more tapered than normal powder brushes, making it a great contouring brush. this is also a big multi-tasker, as it can be used for powder application, blush, bronzer, even blending in liquid foundations.


"crease brush": a standard fluffy, tapered crease brush. a non-negotiable must have for blending purposes. this type of brush is also great for buffing in under eye concealer. 


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