December 12, 2011

Urban Decay Primer Potion: TOXIC?

today is a sad, sad day. 

i have come to the conclusion, after experiencing unusually dry eyelids for months, that the culprit is none other than something we all know and love...


i have realized that if i use UDPP every day for a week or more in a row, my eye lids become dry, tight, irritated, red, and then begin to peel and flake...  and i dont have dry skin.

i can use it just fine, but only for a few times over the course of the month. it is after consistent use of the product i notice these skin symptoms. and its not pretty. 

has anyone else dealt with this issue? or am i the only one in the world to have been cursed!?

you know what this means, the hunt is ON for a new, no, the BEST eye primer out there. 


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